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Finest Pizza Place to Try New Flavors

As a pizza lover, you keep on exploring new flavors. The pizza lovers never leave any chance to enjoy a delicious pizza. And that is why Pizza Mia is loved by people in Stoneham.

At Pizza Mia, we make different varieties of pizzas for you. Our pizzas have varieties of flavors, types, and toppings. And it is the variety that makes you fall in love with our menu. But variety is not the only trait we offer to you. Our pizza chefs are specialists in authentic pizza making. They leverage their unique techniques and fresh ingredients to make every pizza a memorable one for the customers.

Get new pizzas every time you order

Our menu lets you get bored. Of course, your favorite flavors always stay available on the menu. But you also get the chance to choose a new treat for your taste buds every day. Our menu has cheese, chicken, Mexican, Vegetarian and many other pizza options to pick from. So, you never feel out of options as a pizza lover.

Quality food and quick delivery

We score top marks in terms of quality and delivery as well. Our professional approach towards the restaurant service makes us capable to deliver warm pizzas at your place.

Place an order!

You can check out the menu right here and select pizzas you want to order. Then, place your order to enjoy a delicious treat at your place. Our delivery team member will reach you with the order in no time.