Comfort food that you cannot say no to on your diet cheat days

Comfort food that you cannot say no to on your diet cheat days

We all know that it is important to keep ourselves healthy and fit and hence the golden rule is to stay away from comfort food because they are laden with fat and all that a healthy body wants to avoid.

But there are cheat days when you can literally give a break to your diet and gorge on some delicious comfort food. From ordering online appetizing pizzas to gorging on burgers, you can try out anything that you wish for on your cheat days. Let us take a look at some of the comfort foods that your taste buds cannot simply say no to.

  1. When it comes to comfort food who can say no to some pizza. Whether you want to chill alone at home or if you want to party with your friends, pizza is one food item that you cannot say no to. On top of that when it comes to pizza you can actually pick and choose from a variety of flavours. When ordering for a group make sure that you take everyone’s preferences into account and order something which will be good for all of you. If you are thinking of ordering some pizza in then do so from Pizza Mia Restaurant for great options and to mention great taste.
  2. If you are in the mood for some filling and delicious meal then you can always have a hot sub accompanied with some healthy juices. May it be chicken or egg plant or may be a combo hot sub, you will have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to ordering for hot subs. So if you are looking for a comfort food item that will keep you well satiated then this is a really good option to try out.
  3. Ah, nothing speaks the language of comfort food better than burgers and fries! Not only are they comfortable and filling, but they also give you just the comfort feeling that you need. Just sit with a burger and some fries and you can happily munch on your meal while catching up on a movie that you have been meaning to watch for a long time. If you want to you can add some lemon soda to the equation to give yourself a lovely burger treat. Try out the various options that they have at Pizza Mia Restaurant for exciting options.
  4. Do you simply love burritos? Well then you can opt for one on your cheat day if you do not want to intake too much calories and will be able to work it off nicely the following day.
  5. Another really popular comfort food that hardly anyone can say not to is cake. May it be cheese cake or a chocolate flavoured one, choose the slice that you are craving for and gorge on at the end of your meal! In fact you can give yourself some respite in your cheat days because studies actually show that chocolate cakes are good for your health.

Cheat days are all about comfort food. Take your pick from the list above and have a blast!

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