Time tested comfort food for every occasion

Time tested comfort food for every occasion

Everyone loves comfort food. Even if you are very particular about your diet, you surely do like to slip into some occasional indulgences.

Comfort food works well for any occasion. May it be little breakups or a quiet and satisfied movie night with just yourself, there is a universal charm to comfort food, which none can deny. Here are some of the most time tested favorite comfort food items that you will work well for every occasion:

Ice cream: Who can say no to a tub of ice cream? May it be in the afternoon or in the middle of the night? Ice creams are sheer love which is enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Ice creams come in various flavors and hence you can enjoy it any way you like. If you have some chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream at home then you can always add some chocolate sauce, raisins and cashews on it to make yourself that perfect tub.

Pizza: If you love cheese, bread, olives, interspersed with chicken or pork pieces, then do make sure that you order a pizza. There is hardly a better comfort food than pizza and on top of that, it is so easily accessible. You can always Order pizza online from Pizzamia any time of the day and you will have this delicious treat waiting right for you at your doorstep. Enjoyed with friends as well as alone, this is an all-timefavorite.

Popcorn: Well if you are all in for a quite movie night with yourself, then there is hardly anything better than a bowl full of caramel popcorn. This is ideal if you have a home movie date with your partner as well. You can always add a plate of fritters along with this, but if you want to avoid anything oily, opt for popcorns.

Cheese sandwich: Really simple to make and extremely delicious, if you love bread this is one comfort food that you can whip up any time at your home and have it at any time of the day. They are filling and tasty and perfect to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Soup: If you love soup, then you know that soup works better than even therapy. If you have a cold you can have a bowl of hot soup, if you are feeling down you can have soup, if you want to have soup you can simply have it and that guilt free because unlike many comfort food it is way less fat free!

So these are some time tested comfort food items that you can try out any time you want.

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