Pizzas that you have to try out if haven’t already

Pizzas that you have to try out if haven’t already

Do you love pizza? Well the thing about pizzas is that you can never have enough! There are so many types of pizza that just when you thought that you have tried out almost all of them, you will come across different toppings that will surely send your taste buds for a swirl.

One of the best places from where you can order your very own pizza of different varieties is Pizza mia. There are a wide variety of options for you to choose from. So, here are some must try pizzas that you should definitely give a shot:

  1. Well if you are fond of your vegetables and you love a generous helping of the green with as your topping then you can opt for the Spinach supreme pizza. Loaded with spinach and onions, the topping also consists of mushrooms which add a lovely soft touch to the pizza crust. Served with varieties of Cheese like Feta and Mozzarella, this pizza is an ultimate combination of greens and cheese. If you want you can always order a side of fried onion rings to add that extra bit of crunch to your palette.
  2. Are you all in for cheese, cheese and a little bit of more cheese? Well nothing says tasty better than some melted cheese with the pizza crust and hence this is an all time favourite cheese pizza that you can always order pizza from Pizza mia. This pizza comes with a topping of varieties of cheese like Romano, Feta, the all time classic Mozzarella and a few others. Since cheese is a little bit hard to digest and that too so much at one go, you can order some fizzy drinks to go along with it to create the perfect combo.
  3. If you are not too much of a fan of the vegetarian or the cheese club and you love to gorge into some serious meat, then you should try out the meat lovers pizza. It is one of the best for all those who love to eat meat. It comes with a generous topping of Sausage and bacon and is well made with the traditional pizza sauce. Mozzarella and Romano account for the cheese part which makes this pizza all the more delicious and heart warming. So if you are looking for some serious meat love, this is the one for you.
  4. Mexican pizza is another pizza type that you have to try out. Made with tomatoes, olives and onions this pizza also comes with generous helpings of cheese and pizza sauce. Essentially vegetarian and extremely flavourful, this pizza from the heartland of Mexico is something that will leave wanting for more.
  5. And finally you have to try out the Sicilian Sampler pizza. The recipe imported from Sicily is all oodles and oodles of Romano which will surely give your taste buds a whirlwind tour of the Italian countryside in no time!

So, how many of these have you tried out? Seek out the ones that are left out and give these a shot!

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