Great food options to try on your first date

Great food options to try on your first date

All set to head out on your first date? Well, first dates are a little formal in nature- where you hardly know the person and you yet to like them and want to get to know them better. Well, in situations like this, it is always better to bond over food and that too good comfort food because then it becomes easier to talk and discussions can flow.

So, if you are planning on going on your first date any time soon when it comes to a restaurant or eatery, always go for the ones that specialize in or are famous for any one of these comfort food items:

  1. There is nothing like pizza for your first date. You can head out to a good Pizza Mia Restaurant for a nice and healthy slice of pizza. Well you can spend hours on end gorging on this delicious dish and make romantic plans for your next date. This is one food that never fails and if both of you are pizza lovers then this will be a great food to bond over. Do not forget to order that extra-large glass of cold drink that you have to share. Plus you can always have a little romantic oeuvre over who gets to have the last slice!
  2. Well if you love to have chicken and are particularly fond of chicken drumsticks or chicken wings then you have to head out to an eatery that serve the most delicious and a large variety of these crunchy goodies. You get to decide what sauce to sauté it in and on top of that you can also share a dip of your choice. This combination too works great with a glass of chilled ice tea during the summers.
  3. If you are planning on heading out for lunch, then you can always try out burgers. You can spend hours on end picking at a nice and big burger, even sandwiches for that matter. Conversations simply tend to flow with such good food around. Just make sure that you find a nice restaurant or eatery before you head out there because these are pretty common food items that you will get almost everywhere. So, research before you pick the place for your date.
  4. If both of you are health freaks then you can always opt for a nice and filling bowl of Caesar salad. You can also opt for farm fresh salad if you want to keep it vegan. Make sure that you team it up with some nice and fresh brewed tea. This is ideal for a healthy lunch date.
  5. And last but not the least, everyone’s favorite- coffee. Surely something does happen over coffee and any kind of conversation can take place. On top of that cafeterias actually allow you to sit and talk for long hours. If the date goes well then you can always order for another cup and well if it does not work out well enough, you can always part ways after a cup!

So these are some really great food ideas that you have to try out for your first date.

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